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£ *Multiples of 5
£ *Multiples of 5

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Benefits of a monthly membership

Where your donations go

Provides rugby kit for a child

Many children in our programs train barefoot, in well-worn clothing, often in their school uniform. Playing rugby inevitably leads to torn and dirty clothing which many families cannot afford to replace.

For £5 a month you can make a real difference by providing a child with kit that allows them to get properly stuck into the game with their friends.

£5 per month

Provides regular coaching and support programmes for a child.

Our projects use the game of rugby to engage children, at the same time educating and supporting them on matters that effect their everyday life.

By donating £10 a year, you could help a young child in Eswatini through school and community sessions. You could be the difference in teaching a child about HIV/AIDS, gender violence in their home and the social skills necessary for healthy and responsible living.

£10 per month


Support a child through education, with regular classes on our Atlas DigiBus.

“An introduction to IT is like offering a life-line to kids from the Kibera” – Simon Shaw.

With only 3.3 per cent of women and 4.7 per cent of men enrolled in tertiary education, Kenya is falling behind many other African nations and the text-book education provided often lacks the necessary skill sets the job market actually requires.

For £15 a year, you could be the difference in providing a child in Kibera with the crucial IT skills that will shape their future.

£15 per month

Provides a child with one coaching session.

For just £10 a year, you could kick start a child’s journey of working towards a better future through rugby communities and initiatives.

We like to invite rugby champions to coach our sessions regularly, so our children get the most inspiring leadership.

£10 per Year

Provides a child with boots and a coaching session.

By donating £30 a year you can make sure a child no longer has to train bare foot in their school uniform. You’ll make sure they get the regular support and coaching required throughout their childhood and make a tangible impact to their future.

£30 per Year

Provide up to 1,000 children with a safe and inspiring learning space to learn skills fitted to today’s economy.

Fitted with everything from laptops, screens and Wi-Fi, to anti-viral misting systems and CCTV cameras, the ‘DigiBus’ makes a safe and inspiring learning space for thousands of children in Kibera. For £50 a year you will be able to provide a desk and chair on the bus, which will be used by thousands of children every week.

£50 per Year

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